Featured on BetaKit

We're excited about Oneiric being featured in BetaKit this week in the article 'Oneiric is Making Hockey Gear to Keep Kids Safe.'

I only learned how to play hockey as an adult, and it was a painful initiation into the game. Constant falls, brutal crashes into other players, and this was all just me trying to get to the locker room to get my gear on. Oneiric founder Emily Rudow got into hockey when she was eight years old. She loved to play the game, but getting her gear on was the one thing that caused anxiety. โ€œI hated it,โ€ said Rudow, โ€œon the way to the arena I would start to get nervous. Shin pads, shoulder padsโ€ฆ it was a lot for a little kid.
— Alex Kinsella; BetaKit

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