Why You Should Get Your Kids The Oneiric Protective Base Layer

In the cold arena at 6am, the last thing that hockey parents want to worry about is their kids safety on the ice. While their kids are dressed head-to-toe in equipment, there are still areas that are left exposed.

Enter hockey equipment company Oneiric who has developed an award-winning and super innovative protective base layer pant for youth hockey players. You might be asking yourself what could possibly be so special about this base layer over the other standard ones that your kids are probably already wearing. The Oneiric Protective Base Layer has some very cool features that will help to keep your kids more protected on the ice and offers a neat new way to secure shin pads.


Shin Pad Pockets: 
These pockets are part of the pant and hold shin pads securely in place without the need for straps. Kids are able to easily slide their shin pads into the pocket and straps can be tucked right in. Once shin pads are in all that is left is to pull up their hockey socks and secure them to the velcro on the front and back of the Oneiric Base Layer. And yes, even the new shin pads with the calf protectors are able to fit into these pockets.

Built in Cut-Resistant Ankle:
Now there is no need to have to wear the cut-resistant socks. The ankle portion of the Oneiric Base Layer is completely cut-resistant - exactly where it needs to be. The Achilles is protected from sharp skate blades. No more exposed ankles skating around the rink!

Back Padding:
A light-weight EVA foam placed at the back of the pant leg is designed to keep an area that was once left exposed more protected from slashes and flying pucks. 

Pelvic Protector:
A small pocket sewn into the inside of the pant holds the pelvic protector (girls or boys.)
A bonus - these base layers come with the cup.


Oneiric’s Protective Base Layer costs $129.00 CAD/ $99.00 USD

Check out Oneiric’s award-winning and very protective base layer and order online.