The Pursuit for More Protective & Innovative Gear


At Oneiric, we are working to create innovative equipment for young hockey players that keeps them more protected on the ice. The hockey equipment industry is one that has seen little innovation over the years and new companies are finally starting to tap into this market, looking to change it for the better.

Aegis Impact Protection is one of those companies - These guys have created the Aegis Interceptor, an impact and slash protective neck guard that offers much more protection than the regular neck guards do. It is the first neck guard to offer purpose designed and engineered D30 impact protection, combined with BNQ slash protection. 

Weโ€™re so proud that this amazing new product was created by our Partners at Niko Apparel - Oneiric together with Aegis are ready to change the hockey world!

Interested in reading more info on the Aegis Interceptor? Check out the article here.