'I'm a Hockey Dad' Product Review

Jeff Riddall from one of our favourite blogs ‘I’m a Hockey Dad’ wrote a great product review on the Oneiric Base Layers. “Protecting Young Hockey Players, Protecting the Game” discusses the importance of keep kids safe on the ice and relates back to how our product is helping to do that…along with making it much easier for kids to get dressed and undressed quicker!

Mom and dad are happy about their young player being able to get dressed and undressed quicker, along with the peace of mind the added protection provides. She is only playing Atom now, but accidents can happen at any age when skates, sticks and ice are involved. As an interested bystander with a hockey dad history, I can appreciate the benefits this important piece of equipment bring and wonder why its taken so long for someone to come up with this type of innovation.
— Jeff Riddall

Head over to Jeff’s blog to read the review and article.

Oneiric_Product Review