We Sponsored a Player

We are proud and excited to report that we will be sponsoring our very first female player for the upcoming 2016/2017 hockey season.

Growing up playing hockey for many years, we know first hand about the economic realities of competitive hockey; from the registration and team fees, to the tournaments and traveling expenses. By sponsoring a player, it helps relieve the financial burden that is inevitably tied to the game so that parents and children can focus on one thing only: enjoying the game. 


Meet Siyarra, a 12 year old member of the Greater Kingston PeeWee โ€œAAโ€ Ice Wolves, whose dedication to the game has not only inspired us, but motivated us to support her along her forthcoming season!

We are beyond excited to watch young hockey players excel and pursue their passion, and sponsoring Siyarra gives us the opportunity to not only foster another external support system for her, but also to cultivate a sense of community between all youth hockey players, as we encourage one another. 

We wish the best of luck to Siyarra and her team this season!