Oneiric On A Mission To #EndTheWorry For Hockey Moms And Dads

For parents and kids across North America, September not only signals the start of the school season, but also the start of hockey season. From tykes to AAA, kids of all ages will be once again taking to the ice to enjoy “Canada’s game.” But as youngsters hit the ice for fun and games, there are risks to consider and guard against. While concussion is a widely acknowledged concern, other injuries — particularly lacerations from skate blades also put players at significant risk.

This type of injury used to be a rare occurrence, yet with razor sharp skate blades and fierce competition, skate blade injures have been on the rise.
— Dr. Phil Conway from the Calgary Back & Sports injury Clinic.

Our new marketing campaign #EndTheWorry, the sequel to #EndTheChaos, shifts our focus to something more serious, the dangers of getting injured playing hockey, specifically skate blade laceration injuries which are some of the most dangerous. Hockey is a sport where players are running on knives and these injuries need to be talked about.


We have also teamed up with our Partner, Aegis Impact - a company based out of Hamilton that has developed the first ever impact protection neck guard, to educate parents and raise awareness on how we can create safer play in hockey by using new technologies and products that work to solve this problem. 

To align with the launch of #EndTheWorry, Oneiric and Aegis Impact have put together a ‘Protective Package’, selling both our products together for only $150 from now until October 31st.

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