Oneiric Customer Profile Series: Meet Debby and Jaiden!

We’re excited to profile one of our very first customers, Debby who believed in the value of the Oneiric Base Layer before it even arrived in the market. Debby and Jaiden were one of our very first pre-order customers.

Customer: Debby Sisson and Jaiden Sisson
Location: Orono, Ontario
Hockey Team: Clarington Flames

Debbie Sisson’s daughter Jaiden was one of Oneiric’s first customers. They pre-ordered in September 2015 and have already bought another new pair! Jaiden is a rockstar that plays for the Clarington Flames Peewee A team. Jayden began her hockey career after spotting some girl hockey players while she was public skating at her local arena. She said to her mom ‘I didn’t know girls play hockey!?’ - She has been playing ever since :)

Where did you first hear about Oneiric and what intrigued you to buy it?
We saw Oneiric for the first time at a hockey tournament in Oshawa. We were given the product pitch and I thought it was a fabulous product. Once Jaiden saw them and also liked them, we were sold. It seemed like a no-brainer.

What has yours and your kids experience been like using the product?
It has been great! Before Jaiden had the Oneiric Base Layer, her shin pads needed to be constantly adjusted. Now the shin pads just slip right in making it so quick for her. She will put them on in the dressing room and sometimes even wear them to the game as well. They are so convenient!

What are your favourite features and why? 
I really love the shin pad pockets. I am seeing players constantly adjusting their pads throughout the game. With the Oneiric Base Layer, Jaiden never has to worry about them shifting around and tightening her straps. Of course, the added protection is a huge plus as well.

How do you think Oneiric compares to other base layer products?
The difference in quality is huge. You can really feel it and it drys so quick. I also used to struggle to find a protective jill in the size that Jaiden needed, so its great that the Oneiric Base Layer comes with one. 

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