10 Days Complete: Oneiric Marathon Series

It’s already been 10 days since we kicked off the #RUN70 Marathon Challenge and Emily is in full swing. Her legs are feeling strong (but sore) as she battled through the first week of the challenge. Here’s her 10 Day Recap Summary:

Distance: 232 km
Time: 20 hrs
Calories Burned: 14,551
Money Raised: $685

Starting this week we will be doing things a bit differently. We are going to begin challenging others to run with Emily and join us in #RUN70 - From hockey players and teams, to start-up founders and even maybe a politician or two! So, keep your eye out because we may be challenging you!

Good luck to Emily as she heads into the next 10 days of the challenge and don’t forget to cheer her on (or even join her on her run) if you see her running through the streets of Toronto :) Don’t forget to donate on behalf of #RUN70 in support of cancer research here.