Top Secret Ways to Make Checking a Hockey Bag a Habit

There is nothing worse than getting the dreaded phone call moments after rushing out of the rink while your child is at hockey practice “Mom, I forgot my gloves in the garage” or “Mom, you left my elbow pads in the dryer”. Although a great exercise is self-control and patience, it is not the best in terms of time management and household upkeep. With a little bit of creative proactivity, these types of phone calls will be a thing of the past!


The ticket to ride bag check system
A great way to assure they are packed and ready to go is to create an equipment checklist and leave a stack of them in a bin by the area where they dry their gear. These can be as simple as names of equipment items. The child uses a pen or pencil to check off the box beside the item as they place each one in the bag. They sign it at the bottom and give it to you before they get in the car. 

The selfie bag check system
This is a fun one that most kids choose as a pre-game ritual. The child uses an iPod to text message selfies to their parents of each piece of equipment going into their bag. Kids can use Whatsapp, iMessage or even Snapchat! The pics usually turn out pretty silly and a lot of fun. 

The punch card bag check system
With some creative design, a card can be created with equipment names or acronyms in the margin and 3 goals for the game or practice in the body of the card. The child can use a hole puncher to punch a hole in each equipment name as they place it in the bag and then write out 3 things they want to accomplish. In this way, checking for equipment becomes a mental preparation tactic. If only briefly, it gets them zoned in and focused on their upcoming game or practice before they have even left the house.