20 Days Complete: Oneiric Marathon Challenge

Yesterday marked day 20 of #RUN70! These past twenty days have been exciting and challenging. Despite running through a few days of torrential downpours, heavy winds as well as being attacked by a bird, Emily is feeling strong and motivated.

A big thank you to Chakameh Shafii, co-founder of TranQool who joined Emily on her run last week!

Here’s the 20 day recap summary:
Distance: 467.33 km / 290.38 miles (11 marathons)
Time: 251.82 hours
Calories Burned: 31,029 (8.65 lbs of fat)
Total Money Raised: $935

We are continuing to challenge others to join Emily on her daily half marathons. If you see Emily on her challenge running through the streets of Toronto, join in and participate for this great cause. Remember to donate on behalf of #RUN70 in support of cancer research, no amount is too small.