50 Days Complete: Oneiric Marathon Series For Cancer Research

Yesterday marked Day 50 of #RUN70! Emily is pushing through this challenge like a champion and is only 10 days away from breaking the official record and 20 days from hitting her goal of 70. She also paced her fastest run of the challenge so far on Day 49, with a pace of 5'24. Her body and mind are feeling great and she is ready for the final couple weeks!

Here’s the 50 day recap summary:

Distance: 1112km/691mi (26 marathons)
Calories: 76,121 (25 lbs of fat)
Time: 314 hours
Total money raised: $2,350/ $10,000

A big thank you to everyone that has donated to the #RUN70 campaign so far - We still have a long way to go to hit our goal of $10,000 but we are grateful for where we are!

If you see Emily on her challenge running through the streets of Toronto, join in and participate for this great cause and please, if you can, remember to donate on behalf of #RUN70 in support of cancer research. No amount is too small.