great hockey players take risks.
but not with their equipment.

Oneiric's enhanced base layer pant was created to improve safety and increase performance. Made from 100% washable, 
anti-bacterial materials and designed in Canada by passionate hockey players.

Back Padding
Light-weight padding on the upper calf and back thigh
Shin Pad Pocket
Attached pocket holds shin pad in place without straps or tape
Cut Resistant Ankle
Bottom of pant protects Achilles with a cut resistant material
Pelvic Protector
Built-in pocket that fits included removable protective cup
Oneiric_Base Layer Hockey Pant



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I’m a big fan of Oneiric Base Layer for both ease of use and functionality. It really is a great product. It is both ultra simple to use and safe.
— Theresa Dostaler;
My eight year old son Zach loves these pants. He loves that his shin pads fit more securely and of course, I’m happy knowing he’s safe on the ice!
— Jason Murray; Head Coach, Major Novice

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