Saves time and Keeps shin pads secure

Shin pad pockets designed to hold shin pad securely in place. The shin pads slide into the pockets with no need for straps. Shin pad straps can easily be tucked into the pockets. Hockey socks are then pulled over top of the shin pad as usual.

Oneiric_shin pad pocket

Oneiric_cut resistant ankle

Keep the ankle protected from sharp skate blades

Now you don't have to worry about skate injuries around the Achilles area. The cut resistant material around the ankle provides a stretchable, comfortable and light-weight feel, without compromising safety.

Protect the back leg from areas left exposed

Light-weight and highly protective E.V.A. Foam at the back of the calves and upper thigh to help prevent injuries at the back of the leg. Until now, this part of the body has not been protected by frequent stick slashes, skates, and flying pucks!

Oneiric_back of leg padding

Oneiric_pelvic protector

Everything the average pelvic protector does

The Oneiric Protective Pant includes a built in cup together with velcro straps to hold up the socks - everything the average pelvic protector does. We’ve also included mesh around the pelvic area for extra ventilation and cooling qualities.


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