5 Reasons Why You Need Oneiric Base Layers In Your Hockey Bag This Season

Whether you’re an eight year old just starting hockey for the first time, a goalie playing rep or an adult playing for fun, you need an Oneiric Base Layer in your hockey bag.

Here are 5 reasons why:

1. Keeps you more protected
Oneiric Base Layers are designed for more protection on the ice. The light-weight padding at the back of leg protects from slashes and pucks and the cut-resistant ankle shields the skin from dangerous cuts. Say good-bye to those uncomfortable cut-resistant socks!

2. Shorter dressing time
Our Origin model has the amazing, patented shin pad pocket, which allows players to easily slide their shin pad into place without the need to strap them around the leg. Straps just tuck into the pocket. You or your kid will be the fastest dressed in the room ;)

3. Version made specifically for goalies
The Genesis model is made specifically for goalies, finally allowing them a base layer that keeps them more protected on the ice and in the crease.

4. Environmentally friendly
Tired of buying rolls upon rolls of tape to help hold the shin pad in place? No need for this anymore with the Origin Base Layer. The shin pad pocket will do the trick eliminating the need for tape and making those 20lb tape balls obsolete!

5. Free shipping and free returns
Best of all, we take care of the shipping. And, if you need to exchange sizes we will take care of that too :)

The new hockey season is just beginning - get your base layer today.