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Customer Profile Series: Meet Anton and Hockey Mom Celine

Customer Profile Series: Meet Anton and Hockey Mom Celine

Anton is 7 years old and plays for the 2012 Spartan Yotes of Chestermere, Alberta. He also competes in several tourneys throughout the year with his buds on Hurricane Hockey Club, Bar Down at Calgary HDC, and most recently The Swarm at Sauce Cup. This spring, Anton was also asked to play for teams out of Vancouver, Toronto and Winnipeg, so we’ll see what the future holds! 

Anton’s passion for the good old hockey game began early on. His favorite thing to do as a toddler was play mini sticks and study his NHL Alphabet, Numbers and Animals books. On the first day of skating class at age 3, his new Coach Ali promptly left the ice to look for “Anton’s parents” in the stands. Thankfully she just wanted to move him up to skate with the big kids – and the rest is history!

Where did you first hear about Oneiric’s new Soteria Base Layer Top and 
what intrigued you to buy it?
I first came across Oneiric on Instagram. I started following them and was impressed by their innovative products. I also heard great things from hockey mom friends whose kids were already wearing Oneiric, and I thought it would be a great fit for my little player too.

What has your experience been like using the product so far?
Anton absolutely loves his Soteria Base Layer Top. He was giddy with excitement the first time he put it on, and it’s been his go to ever since. We’ve had a wonderful experience and are now looking forward to getting Anton a pair of Origin Base Layer Pants.

What are your favorite features of the product and why?
My favorite feature of the Soteria Base Layer Top is its durable, lightweight, ridiculously soft material. I love the peace of mind I get knowing that Anton is not only cool and comfortable on the ice, but that he’s also getting added cut-resistant wrist and forearm impact protection. Mommy can relax in the stands knowing her little guy is comfy and safe out there!

How do you think Oneiric compares to other base layer tops?
Oneiric is in its own league. The quality and added features are unmatched, and I’m super grateful we discovered them early on so that Anton can continue to rock Oneiric for years to come. 


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