Customer Profile Series: Meet BJ and Brad

My son is 6 years old and plays for the Denville Blue Knights PAL team as the primary goalie for the U8 mites. I am 49 and still play men’s league and coach goalies for the Denville PAL as well as a few private clients up to the high school level.

We both love hockey but have different favourites when it comes to the NHL. Brad, my son, is a huge fan of Matt Murray, so it’s Pittsburg for him. I'm a depressed Devils/Leafs fan :)

My son plays hockey because of my influence and love of the sport. He was thrilled to finally get to be part of a team and begin to make the many friendships that are possible in this awesome sport. I started playing because I grew up on a lake in North Jersey and always had a spot shoveled out for shinny!

Where did you first hear about the Oneiric Base Layers and what intrigued you to buy it?
I first heard about Oneiric on the InGoal Magazine Podcast. They discussed it during the gear portion of an episode last year. It sounded like a great solution to a concern that every goalie and goalie parent has so I ordered a set of the Genesis Goalie Base Layer for my son and myself. 

What has your experience been like using Genesis so far?
Personally, I love it. As a goalie, I like the extra padding behind the legs and the grippers for your knee pads. As a parent, I really appreciate the cut resistant feature in the ankle area. It eases my mind when there is the inevitable pile up in front of the goal in a 8U game. It’s nice to know there is an extra layer of protection in a very exposed part of the body. 

What are your favourite features of the Genesis Base Layer and why?The cut resistant ankle area. This area is barely covered by the skate and is relatively unprotected, so having the extra material and protection at the Achilles is a great feature. 

How do you think Oneiric compares to other base layer products?
It is slightly heavier but is a good trade off between weight and protection. I have never noticed getting hacked in the back of the leg but the padding there is a great add. It offers some protection, and gives you more volume around your thigh to better secure your knee / thigh pads. 







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