Customer Profile Series: Meet Brandon and Jack Bones

Customer Profile Series: Meet Brandon and Jack Bones

Jack is 12 years old and plays for the Frisco Selects out of Frisco, Texas. He's a huge Dallas Stars fan but also loves the Detroit Red Wings. He got into hockey by going to a Stars game and loved all the action and wanted to be part of that.  He enjoys hockey because of the speed of how it's played and the challenge of doing it all while on ice!

Where did you first hear about Oneiric and their Base Layer's?
My dad, Brandon was the one that found our about Oneiric from a promotion on Facebook. It became a Christmas present for me because he liked the cut proof ankle protection on the Base Layer.

What has your experience been like using the product so far?
I use the Origin Base Layer and thoroughly enjoy the product. Everything fits right and my shin guards do not slide around. The Base Layer is flexible and comfortable and the mesh panels in the upper thighs help me stretch out my legs more.

What are your favourite features and why?
My favourite features are the Shin Pad Pockets that hold my shin guards and the cut-resistant ankles. I like these because I feel the pockets hold the shin pads better than the straps and the cut-resistant ankles give me more protection than the old brand I used to wear.

How do Oneiric Base Layers compare to other base layers that you've tried?
I wore Shock Doctor before and I like the Oneiric better because of the extra features like the Shin Pad Pockets and cut-resistant ankles—but I also like the comfort and flexibility that my Oneiric Base Layer gives me too.







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