Customer Profile Series: Meet Brayah

I am 10 years old, I play for the Ottawa Valley Silver Seven U11AA team. I’m really active and love playing sports. My Mom grew up playing hockey, so she registered me to see if I would like it. I absolutely fell in love with hockey. I started out as a skater and then decided to be a goalie. I have been skating since I was 3 and started hockey at age 5.

Where did you first hear about the Oneiric and what intrigued you to buy the Genesis Base Layer?
My Mom always says “safety first”, she wanted to make sure that I had a base layer that would keep me safe from skate blade cuts. She researched different brands and decided that Oneiric is perfect. It has sizes for boys and girls, men and women. She liked that it protected me from cuts from blades, would hold my socks up, had some extra padding at the back of my thigh.

What has your experience been like using the Genesis Base Layer so far?
It has been great! I wear them all the time, I think I need to size up this year though. The good thing is, is that they are not worn out at all, so I can pass them along to another goalie. I play hockey about 4 times per week, so they have definitely been used a lot! They are comfortable, the band at the waist is a thick flat elastic with a thin rubber on the inside so that the pants don’t slip down, or your shirt untucks. There is a thin rubber area on the knees to help keep my knee pads in place. They have the no cut zone on the ankle / calf area.

How does the base layer compare to previous base layers you have used? 
I like that they have a female fit, and that there is no jock sewn into them. (My mom always had to cut that out for me with the other brands). I really like the waist band too, other companies they elastic gets twisted and then it hurts your waist.


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