Customer Profile Series: Meet Emily and George

Customer Profile Series: Meet Emily and George

We’re really excited to highlight another one of our fab customers, Emily Fox and son, George who is rocking his hockey season in his Origin Base Layer.

Customer: Emily and George Lewandowski-Fox 
Hockey Team: Pleasant Prairie Eagles

George is in his second year of hockey having started the game when he was only 7 years old. He started off in skating lessons until his mom, Emily decided to put him in hockey instead. George was bitten by the hockey by right away!

Where did you first hear about Oneiric and what intrigued you to buy the Origin Base Layer?
'I first saw Oneiric on the 'Hockey Deals and Discounts' Facebook page. I wanted to try it because I loved the added protection it was going to give him! Safety is my number one priority as a mother and that was a big bonus for me that he would have that added protection he needed.'

What have yours and your kids experience been like using Oneiric's Origin Base Layer?
'My son George LOVES this base layer. He won’t wear anything different now. As a hockey parent, I love how easy they are for him to put on and how they fit his shin pads perfectly without having to adjust anything. It's so easy.'

What are your favourite features of the Origin Base Layer and why? 
'I love the pocket for the shin pads and the extra ankle protection and back padding. They're all great features so it is hard to choose!'

How do you think Oneiric Base Layers compare to other base layer products?
'I truly believe Oneiric is a better product than the other base layers out there because they have the added protection that you can't find anywhere else, as well the other features such as moisture wicking, quick-dry etc.'

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