Customer Profile Series: Meet Hockey Mom Megan and Parker!

Parker 9 years old and I currently play for the Bowie Hockey Club in Bowie, MD (Bowie Bruins). He is a first year squirt… just moved from half ice to full ice! In the spring, Parker played AAA for the DC Selects out of Rockville, MD.

Both mom Megan and Parker LOVE the Washington Capitals! They live close enough to their practice facility so they like to go and watch. Parker loves getting hi-fives and pictures with the players, especially Braden Holtby. They’re the only hockey buffs in the family, so they have mother/son dates to the games. “When they won the Stanley Cup, I’m pretty sure it was the hi-light of Parker’s young life.”

What made you (or you son/daughter) get into playing hockey and how long have you played for?
Megan: I actually have my dentist to blame for Parker’s hockey obsession. When he was 4 years old, Parker had to tag along to an appointment with me. The dentist was making small talk with Parker and told him all about his son and this sport called hockey. The dentist grabbed his IPad, put Parker on his lap, and showed him video and pictures of his son skating and scoring. Parker was enthralled! I remember thinking his next patient was going to be so upset since they were sitting there so long talking about the sport. After that Parker started begging me to take him to the ice rink. Went to a public skate and he’s never looked back. It’s a running joke at my dentist appointments that I am going to send him a bill for all the hockey expenses.

He’s been skating since 4 and picked up a stick not long after. He started playing goalie full time when he was 8.

Where did you first hear about Oneiric Base Layer's and 
what intrigued you to buy them?
Megan: It was an ad in my Facebook feed. I’m always looking for the next best thing when it comes to Parker’s comfort and safety on the ice. The top was in pre-order status and Oneiric was offering a deal that I couldn’t pass up. I ordered the Genesis Base Layer pants and pre-ordered the Soteria Base Layer top. I was intrigued by the cut resistance and the fact they were geared towards goalies. Parker has a bleeding disorder (he has low platelets)… and yes, it’s a risk he takes playing hockey or any sport for that matter… but proper protection is that much more important for him.

What has your experience been like using the products so far?
Megan: From a mom perspective, I am very happy with the purchase. Parker just had 4 days with Mitch Korn and left there drenched in sweat every day. Since it was such a short span from leaving and coming back the next day he would throw his base layer in the bag and leave it there overnight. I was actually shocked it was dry when he put it back on and didn’t smell bad like the rest of his gear. Other stuff probably could’ve walked away on its own! Don’t worry, I washed it after day 4! Also, you always worry they are going to get hurt, especially being a goalie mom there is extra anxiety involved. Any additional protection you can provide them is worth every penny.

What are your favorite features of the products and why?
Parker: I really like the part on the knees that keeps my knee pads in place. They don’t move around like they did in my old base layer pants. I don’t get too hot wearing Oneiric either. I’ve worn other stuff that is kind of hard to move in and sticks to me; this stuff is smooth and feels good on my skin.

Megan: Parker is a sensitive skinned red-head! I like the fact he mentioned how it feels on his skin. He’s had other base layers that would irritate him once they got too wet.

How do you think Oneiric compares to other base layers you've tried?
Megan: Parker is on the ice at least 4 days a week. Oneiric washes up exceptionally well. He’s had other high-priced base layers that wear at his knees fairly quickly and become thin in spots his equipment rubs on. I have yet to notice this with Oneiric. We only have one Soteria top and one Genesis bottom so it gets used and worn extensively. If anyone has put it to the test, it’s been Parker!



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