Customer Profile Series: Meet Hovalid, Asher and Alex

Customer Profile Series: Meet Hovalid, Asher and Alex

Hovalid is a proud hockey dad from Grand Forks, North Dakota—a wonderful college hockey town. His two 9-year old son’s Asher and Alex, were inspired to play hockey from growing up watching the University of North Dakota play. 

Both boys have been playing hockey since kindergarten and are now in their second year of mites hockey. Alex loves the Minnesota Wild and Asher loves the Chicago Blackhawks—a divided family!

Where did you first hear about Oneiric and what intrigued you to buy their base layers for your kids?
I heard about it on a Facebook page.  I was especially interested in the extra padding. Alex, who plays in Genesis, was just starting his first year in full goalie pads and I also loved the idea of the cut resistant bottom. I ordered a pair of Origin's for Asher too and the pockets were fantastic for his shin guards!  

What has the experience been like using the base layers so far?
It has been great. The pockets for the shin guards on the Origin really keep everything in place. Alex, my goalie, feels confident knowing he has a bit of padding on his legs in his Genesis base layer. Everyone in the family is at ease knowing the bottoms are cut resistant on both models.

What are your favourite features and why?
Padding for the goalie and the cut resistant bottoms.  It provides me as a parent, assurance that there are measures in place for added safety and comfort. 

How do you think both the Origin and Genesis Base Layer compares to other base layer products?
They are far superior to anything that we have tried! 

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