Customer Profile Series: Meet Jackson and Julian

Customer Profile Series: Meet Jackson and Julian

Meet Jackson and Julian Lafferty. Jackson is 5 and Julian is 4 and they both play for the Johnstown Warriors Mites. Their favorite NHL team is the Pittsburgh Penguins. The start to their hockey career was when they were taken to the Johnstown Tomahawks game over three years ago and they both couldn’t take their eyes off the ice!

Where did you first hear about the Oneiric's Base Layers and what intrigued you to buy it?
Friends of ours recommended the Origin Base Layer to us and we have been buying them since for both boys.

What has your experience been like using the Origin Base Layers so far?
We love them! They are comfortable, well made to withstand our crazy little boys and work really well with their other gear.

What are your favorite features? 
I love the ability to put the shin/knee pads inside the pocket on the Origin Base Layer. The Velcro tabs to hold the socks up are also great.

How does the base layer compare to previous base layers your kids have used? 
The best product we have found. My 2 year old daughter even wears them to skating lessons!


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