Customer Profile Series: Meet James and Aidan

Customer Profile Series: Meet James and Aidan

Aidan just turned 12 and is playing this winter season in the Hockey Super League for the Jr. Riggers. The team is comprised of players from around the Edmonton area. He was a late starter by comparison to many other young players. Although his dad asked him every year since he was 4 if he wanted to play, Aidan didn’t start playing until the age of 8 after his dad’s friend, who was a former coach as well—and a certified goaltending coach, convinced him that playing on a youth hockey team is an incredible life experience, and the awesome memories made during this time will be with you forever.

Also, we can recall ‘Coach Daren’ saying that “being a GOALIE, you get to wear the coolest equipment on the ice.” It can be presumed that was Aidan’s deciding factor to begin his hockey journey.   

Where did you first hear about Oneiric and their Base Layer's?
In the early days of shopping for Aidan’s equipment, we were overwhelmed with all the choices of products, brands, sizing, etc. We recall seeing the Oneiric Base Layer at United Cycle’s Goal Loft in Edmonton. At the time, we weren’t convinced a base layer was a necessity because we didn’t understand what the product offered in terms of performance, protection and enhancing his on-ice confidence. Aidan’s mom is a big fan of Dragon’s Den and had mentioned that a company was on the show pitching hockey-related products. This prompted us to further explore the protective features of Oneiric products for our young goalie.   

What has your experience been like using the product so far?
Aidan has the Genesis Goalie Base Layer, as well as the Soteria top. When he first put it on as a complete set, he said it made him ‘feel like a Superhero’. He has been using this system for approximately two months now and it very quickly became his absolute favourite piece of gear in his bag, without question or hesitation when asked. 

What are your favourite features and why?
Aidan says he loves knowing the bottoms of the pants have protective, cut-resistant material around the ankle area as well as on the wrists of the top.  He also speaks highly of the extra padding on the back of the legs, and the well-thought-out thumb loops on the wrist of the top. He says those features alone boosts his confidence when the action intensifies in and around his crease.

Just this past weekend a player on a breakaway lost control and went crashing into him, and it looked like there we would be dealing with an injury, but he was up, standing and ready to play within a few seconds after the collision. When asked after the game about the collision, he literally answered “I think my Oneiric pants saved my life…”

Perhaps that’s an overstatement by a 12-year-old, but as a goalie-dad, hearing him say that made our investment in Oneiric products well-worth every dollar.

How do Oneiric Base Layers compare to other base layers that you've tried?
Over the years prior to being 100% sold on his Genesis and Soteria Base Layer, Aidan has used several other brands (Bauer & CCM). With those, he’s never provided the level of positive feedback that he has with Oneiric.   






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