Customer Profile Series: Meet Jarno and Mauro

Customer Profile Series: Meet Jarno and Mauro

My name is Mauro and I'm eleven years old. My team is Jää Ahmat-08 and I am from Hyvinkää, Finland. I have been playing hockey since 2014. When I touched the ice for the first time, I loved it. My father then gave me the possibility to try hockey. Now its been 5 years since I have been playing!

Where did you first hear about Oneiric and what intrigued you to want to purchase the Origin Base Layer?
We heard about the Oneiric brand for the first time on Facebook. At the time I really needed a base layer and my father was trying to find the best solution for me. He loved the story of Oneiric and the design of their products.


What has your experience been like using the Base Layer?
I've been very happy with my Origin Base Layer. It's so easy to wear and get my shin pads into the pocket, it fits great and keeps me cool. 

What are your favourite features of the Origin Base Layer?
It is easy to wash and it dries so fast. It is nice to wear, easy to use and it keeps my shin pads secure to my body. 

How do you think the Origin Base Layer compares to other Base Layer products that you have tried in the past?
I think it's better than others because there is protection in the right places!



Origin Base Layers are designed for hockey players of all ages. 

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