Customer Profile Series: Meet Jay and Brody

Customer Profile Series: Meet Jay and Brody

Brody and is 8 years old and currently plays for the Wellington County Tauros in Arthur, Ontario. His favourite NHL team is the Los Vegas Golden Knights, especially Marc Andre Fleury!

Brody was given the opportunity to try hockey when his mom made a career change. Starting out as a player he quickly found himself most comfortable in the net. Game after game he took to the posts and stood there while others shot the puck at him. Fearless and loving every minute of each game, he is in his third season. Prior to playing hockey himself, he would often ask to go watch his friends when they had a game at the local arena.

Where did you first hear about the Oneiric's Genesis Base Layer and what intrigued you to buy it?
We first were introduced to Oneiric, while scrolling through Facebook and saw an ad posted. We were in search of some type of “under gear” that was long enough in the legs to protect our sons legs without being to bulky or making to many layers under his goalie pads. We had tried several different brands of hockey “under gear” and continued to have the same problem, they weren’t long enough in the legs to keep the back of his legs covered and protected while moving up and down saving pucks. We decided to try the Genesis Base Layer for the protection they provided, cut-resistant material, padding, reasonably priced and a Canadian company.

What has your experience been like using Genesis so far?
Brody loves his Genesis Base Layer and wears them every time he hits the ice. They are comfortable and light-weight.

What are your favourite features of the Genesis Base Layer and why?
We love that they aren’t bulky under his goalie pads and allows him to move freely knowing that his base layer hasn’t exposed part of the back of his legs to potential skate blades.

How do you think Oneiric compares to other base layer products?
There is no comparison with Oneiric to other brands for our goalie. He has the best protection, we LOVE Oneiric, it is AMAZING!







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