Customer Profile Series: Meet Madison

I'm Madison and I am 8 years old! I play for the Ice Dogs in Vernon Hills. 

My favourite NHL team is the Vegas Golden Nights because I like Marc Andre Fleury. We even named our puppy Fleury! I started playing hockey with the Little Blackhawks and fell in love with the sport. I was 5 when I first started so I’ve now been playing for 3 years. 

Where did you first hear about the Oneiric Base Layers and what intrigued you to buy it?
My mom found out about Oneiric on a goalie Facebook page. The extra protection for goalies is the reason my mom bought both the Genesis Base Layer and the Soteria top.

What has your experience been like using both Genesis and Soteria Base Layers so far?
Both the top and bottom are very comfortable. I like that I can wear both when playing out or in net as goalie.  

What are your favourite features of the Base Layers and why?
My favourite features are the protective features on both the wrists and the legs. I also like the Velcro patches on the thigh so that I can attach my hockey socks when I need to. Also, I am happy there are products for girls!

How do you think Oneiric compares to other Base Layer products?
Oneiric is great because it’s versatile and they make it for girls and boys. It’s hard to find hockey products for girls. 



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