Customer Profile Series: Meet Julian

Julian is 9 years old and plays for Lil 66ers Elite in Pittsburgh. He’s always loved hockey and cheering for the Penguins! He’s been playing for 3 years.

Where did you first hear about the Oneiric and what intrigued you to buy the Genesis Base Layer?
I heard great things about Oneiric in a Facebook group for goalie parents. I liked the idea of the cut-resistant wrists on the Soteria top and ankles on the Genesis pant, especially as a goalie - they get stepped on all the time!

What has your experience been like using the Soteria and Genesis Base Layer so far?
We love it! Julian won’t wear anything else now. They’ve lasted all season, through multiple washes and wears every week, and both still look practically new. 

I love the cut resistant wrists and ankles. I feel a little better knowing he has that protection when kids are piling on him in the crease! He loves how light and comfortable they feel, and the extra padding on the legs of the Genesis goalie base layer pants.

How does the base layer compare to previous base layers you have used? 
The quality of Oneiric is outstanding. Other brands we’ve tried weren’t as comfortable, and didn’t stand up to all the washing and wear. The Oneiric base layers are a perfect combination of comfort, protection, and durability.


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