Customer Profile Series: Meet Kieran Byrne

I am 17 years old and I play for 16U Pal Jr. Islanders in Long Island NY. I got into hockey when I was 7 years old. My Dad’s Friend coached a roller hockey team—I loved it so much I wanted to try ice hockey, and I ended up loving it even more.

Where did you first hear about the Oneiric Base Layers and what intrigued you to buy it?
I saw the website on social media, and decided to check it out. After seeing Tucker Tynan get his leg cut open in an OHL game last year, I knew that it could happen to me if I wasn't in the right protective gear. I knew the smart thing to do was to place an order for the Oneiric Genesis Base Layer.

What has your experience been like using Genesis so far?
They are extremely comfortable, lightweight, and I feel like I'm not even wearing a Base Layer when they're on. my favourite features are definitely the back thigh protection. The padding is precisely in the right areas of the body that need it. I also especially love the cut-resistant ankles because I don’t wear socks with my skates.

How do you think Oneiric compares to other base layer products?
These pants are so much better than any other brand I have ever used. It is so apparent that a lot of thought was put into the player and no corners were cut. For me it’s the ease of playing with them on and the confidence of extra protection that is another safe-guard for me.         







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