Customer Profile Series: Meet Lawson

Lawson is 10 years old and plays both ice hockey for the Eskimos Atom Rep team in Iroquois Falls, ON as well as Ringette for the (IFR) Ringers U12 out of Iroquois Falls. His favourite NHL team is the Calgary Flames.

Lawson collects and donates gear for both young goalies getting started in hockey and to organizations for teams to use! Check out Lawson at

Where did you first hear about the Oneiric Base Layers and what intrigued you to buy it?
I heard about the base layers on a Facebook hockey group and was in need of a new base layer. I'm hard on equipment especially because I am using my equipment for two sports (hockey and ringette) so it is a lot of ice time.  I normally wear gear out before I grow out of it! I heard it was well made.

What has your experience been like using both Genesis and Soteria Base Layers so far?
I like it. Both the Soteria top and Genesis bottom are easy to move in, not too hot but good enough to wear to the arena because we are supposed to come dressed (hard for goalies to do) because of Covid.  

What are your favourite features of the Base Layers and why?
I like the padding. It helps in areas that are exposed when stretching across the net. The large neck hole on the Soteria top without the built in neck guard makes it easier to get into and more comfortable than my last base layer set. I wear a separate more protective neck guard anyway. The thumb loops make it easier to get on my chesty without the sleeves getting bunched up in the arms of the gear although I don't keep them on while I play.  The cut resistant material on both the Soteria top and Genesis is a big perk as a goalie since I'm down on the ice a lot and other players lack of control is an issue...I get run into a lot. I don't wear hockey socks like the players and my skates are much shorter than player skates which makes the extra protection between my skates and pads very important.

How do you think Oneiric compares to other Base Layer products?
The quality is very nice and it seems to be holding out well. It gets a lot of use as I'm on the ice almost every day of the week. It has more protection than other brands I've used and doesn't make me as sweaty!



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