Customer Profile Series: Meet Goalie Mom Stacey and Jameson

Customer Profile Series: Meet Goalie Mom Stacey and Jameson

My son Jameson is 6 (6 1/2 if you ask him) years old.  He plays for the Jr Golden Knights, Mites in Las Vegas. J'Mo (nicknamed by one of his former coaches George Parros from the Ducks, now the Director of Player Safety at the NHL) is obviously a huge Vegas Golden Knights fan.  He is more of a Fleury fan than anything else but he is a walking encyclopedia of all things VGK. His second favourite is the Washington Capitals.  He loves Holtby and watches his videos endlessly.  Third favourite is the Bruins.  I'm from Boston so we had him watching the B's from birth.  He loves Tukka! 

Jameson began skating when he was about 3 1/2.  He began playing hockey at 4 1/2.  He jumped in the goal about 5 1/2 and never left.  He knew that was where he belonged.  We (parents) are huge hockey fans.  Being from LA & Boston we both grew up going to and watching hockey. Dad has played forever and is one of his coaches.  We were excited to expose our kids to the sport.  We would take them to games before the Knights were ever created.  It's funny to say but I feel like hockey is a "gentleman's sport".  They are classy men,  suit & tie, ridiculous athletes and they all seem to be family men.  It was easy to encourage our son to look up to these athletes as role models.

Where did you first hear about Oneiric and what intrigued you to want to purchase the Genesis Base Layer?
I am part of a FB group strictly for goalie moms.  One day, about a year ago, a mom posted a picture of her son, in the ICU where a skate had sliced open his inner thigh.  It had sliced a major vein.  The blood loss was intense.  He has since made a full recovery and is back on the ice.  It opened up a huge dialogue that day on the page about protective base layers.  One name kept coming up, over and over—Oneiric.  Moms kept posting reviews from other moms, real life stories how the base layer protected an ankle/lower leg or inner thigh.  It was a no brainer at that point.  I had already been following the brand on social media but my goalie is pocket sized so nobody made base layers small enough for him.  Suddenly too big didn't matter.  I ordered them & he has not gone a game without them.  We made some small modifications with a needle and thread and they were perfect.

What has yours and your son's experience been like using the Base Layer?
I have and will continue to recommend Oneiric, without hesitation.  They fit, they are durable and for Jameson, they are comfortable.

What are your favourite features of the Genesis Base Layer?
Besides the entire pant, my favourite part of the Base Layer is the lower leg/ankle cut-resistant protection.  There was a game where there was a rush to the net and it was like a movie watching 4 players tumbling over each other, landing on my son, net knocked off... It was unnerving.  After the game my son kept saying his leg hurt.  There was a nasty bruise just above his skate—the 2 inches that are not protected.  A skate had come down hard on him.  There was a big bruise but I fully wholeheartedly believe the cut-resistant material on this Base Layer protected him from an actual puncture.

How do you think the Genesis Base Layer compares to other Base Layer products that you have tried in the past?
I feel like Oneiric will be our goto for Base Layers for the duration.  Again, that cut-resistant ankle protection is unmatched. The Base Layer's are incredibly durable as far as wear and tear go as well.  As a mom, having the experience with him being protected by this Base Layer, I have no need to look elsewhere.  I know they do the job they were designed for. 


Genesis Base Layers are designed for hockey goalies of all ages. 

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