For any new company, creating a product is not an easy endeavour. But creating a product that is set to disrupt a market and completely change a habit? That’s a massive challenge.

When designing our product, we knew that it needed to be exceptionally crafted in every way. Every aspect of the design needed to be assessed many times over to ensure that it was going to work. Being long-time hockey players, we understood the annoyances of equipment and specific habits of getting dressed. 

We get a lot of common questions about the design of the pants so we put together a quick Q&A to address these:

Q: “My kid likes to wear his shin pad over the tongue of the skate - how would that work if the shin pads are held in by the pants?” 

A: Our shin pad pocket is sewn onto the outside of the pants, so that you can easily slide shin pads into place without the need for straps or tape. We thoughtfully designed the bottom of the pocket to be detached from the actual pant itself so that kids have the option of pulling the shin pad either over the tongue of the skate or keeping it under.

Q: “Does the weight of the shin pads pull the pants down at all?”

A: Because the shin pads are held in by the pants, we had to make sure that the pants would be pulled down at all. To prevent this we created a high-waisted pant, with a soft power elastic. We also added a a smooth grip material onto the inside of the elastic to make sure the pants would stay up.

Q: “Do the hockey socks go over the pants?”

A: Yes, the shin pad pocket is not replacing the hockey sock but rather holding the shin pad in place. The hockey socks are then pulled over the pants and attach to the velcro piece located on the front and back of the pants - just like the base layers and/or pelvic protector shorts that you’re used to. Because the shin pads are covered by the pocket, hockey socks are not necessarily needed. This makes the pants great for pond hockey and shinny!

Q: “Are they washable even with the padding at the back?”

A: Of course they are! The padding at the back of the leg is a light-weight EVA foam that is 100% washable - Just make sure to wash in cold water! 

Have any more questions? Feel free to comment below and we’ll respond right away :)