From the Desk of Allyson Tufts: Hold on for Humboldt

From the Desk of Allyson Tufts: Hold on for Humboldt

I often write about “lessons” in hockey and “lessons” in life but in the case of the Humboldt Broncos tragedy, I had really been struggling to come up with what the lesson is.

I’d been struggling until I saw the picture above. 

This image of these three players who faced what most will never have to face in a lifetime, losses some of us will never know, and the horrific images that will stay with them for a lifetime. As they lay on their stretchers side by side, I couldnt help but notice that they were holding on. They were holding on to each other because, above all else, they love each other, need each other, and know in order to heal they need to hold on to each other. So, as I think of what we can do, as I think of what the lesson is, the only thing that comes to mind is to follow their example. The only thing we can do is hold on for Humboldt. Hold on by honouring those people who lost their lives, send strength to those who were injured, and pray to whoever it is you pray to for the families and community that loved them all. Hold on by donating (if you’re able) to help those struggling to get the grief and financial support they need. Hold on by being thankful for the simple moments with friends, family, and community we take for granted. Most importantly hold on by loving those around you, get your house ready for your kids who will soon be ending their school year, coming home from college, university, or coming to the end of their hockey season. Get their rooms ready, fill your fridge and wait at the door with open arms so you hold on to them in honour of those mothers, fathers, wives, brothers, sisters, friends and teammates who can’t. #holdonforhumboldt

- Written by Allyson Tufts


About the author:
Allyson Tufts is a new author that has had many meaningful careers to date in non-profit, social work, and human resources. Her proudest accomplishment is that of being a wife and mother. She spent many years watching her son and daughter enjoy their extra curricular activities. Nothing could prepare her for the stress of standing behind her son's net for his debut as a goalie. As her experiences as a Hockey Mom started to pile up, she realized that not only were they funny, most importantly, they could be helpful to other parents going through their own experiences watching their kids play. She decided to take the leap and put her stories into her first book and so was born, “Lessons from Behind the Glass”.

Since the launch of the book in 2015, she’s sold thousands of copies in both Canada and the United States. She’s had the opportunity to speak to the senior staff and President of Hockey Canada. Most recently she has partnered with BC Hockey and Hockey Eastern Ontario to create a video series for parents based on the lessons from her book.

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