Introducing our 2021 Ambassador Team

We’re excited to introduce our amazing team of ambassadors for the 2021 season!

I have been playing hockey since 2017 and now play travel hockey in Connecticut, USA. This summer, 2021, will be my first year playing for a tournament team and I’m very excited to play for the Wade Warriors. I play goalie for both teams and in my first year of playing goalie with the Whalers, I had 5 shutouts in 5 games in our End-of-Season Mite Jamboree! My favourite player is Marc-Andre Fleury. My nickname is Onion. I like going swimming and playing in the forest when I’m not on the ice. There is a lot of forest and many lakes in this part of rural CT. My dogs, Otto and Mr Sparkles, have been a lot of fun to play with during quarantine when I wasn’t able to see my friends. I also play lacrosse and am learning how to snowboard.

Sawyer is from Calgary, AB (but a Canucks fan!) and started playing hockey from the moment he could hold a hockey stick.  He began skating at 3 years old, and his immediate love and natural talent for the game took him down the Academy hockey path from there. Sawyer is currently a proud member of 2013 Sauce Hockey Academy where he has spent the last 2 years. He loves watching the game almost as much as he loves playing it and can tell you the stats on almost every player in the NHL.  If he’s not on the ice, you’ll find him working out, playing baseball, throwing a football, or playing any other sport he can convince someone to play with him!

Marissa has been playing hockey for almost 7 years now and was previously a figure skater for 7 years before playing hockey. She is currently playing U18 at the local girls team in Markdale, Ontario. She is 16 years old and hopes to continue her hockey career through college and after that.

Drew plays for the San Antonio Rampage. He just finished his last year in U12 and will start U14 next season. His favourite pro-team is the St. Louis Blues and his favourite goalies are Jordan Binnington and Marc Andre Fleury.

Logan has been a hockey fanatic since he could talk and walk. I have been on skates since I was 16 months old and playing hockey since I was about 3.5 years old. Currently I play on the Kitchener Jr. Rangers U8 MD team.

I play hockey in Southern California, I started playing hockey with the Lil Kings program when I was 5.  I knew I wanted to be a goalie early on.  I played last season as a Mite for Empire Hockey Club. I am currently skating with So Cal Goaltending during the Pandemic to work on Goaltending fundamentals.  I look forward to playing travel hockey at the 10u level when we are able to skate as teams. 


I started playing hockey in San Antonio, TX in 2015 and now play in Hartford, CT for the Jr Wolfpack. In my first year with the Wolfpack, we won 4 of 5 tournaments and placed second in the other. Though I’m an ‘09, I now play for the 2008 team as a defenseman. My favorite team is Pittsburgh and my favorite player is Sidney Crosby, probably because the only thing that soothed me as an infant – at 2 months old! – were the Stanley Cup Playoffs!! They won it all that year. A close second would be Scott Stevens. I model my playing after both of these players. I hope to play junior hockey, maybe take myself even further! I live in a small rural town so when I’m not playing hockey in the big city, I like to swim in the lake, go kayaking, play tennis, and be with friends. quarantine helped me get better at my art and music. When quarantine is all over, I hope to also start acting/modeling!


I am a goalie playing competitive A hockey on a boys team in Ottawa, ON.  I play AAA in the spring as well.  One day I hope to represent my country in World hockey Championships.

My name is Adan and I am a 9 year old hockey player from Massachusetts. I play for Islanders Hockey Club AAA. I want to share my hockey journey and hopefully inspire others to play the best sport in the world! My favorite NHL team is Boston Bruins and my favorite player is Patrice Bergeron.

I play on the 2012 Spartan One Team and this is my fourth year playing. I am from Calgary, Alberta and live in a small town called Priddis. I play defence in hockey and I also compete in BMX racing!

My name is Nathan Wain, and I am a 7 year old living my Canadian hockey dream! I am currently playing developmental hockey, getting ready for AAA tryouts for my first year hopefully in the representative stream. When im not on the ice, I can be found working in my dryland room, or on my inlines. I base my development on the phrase “Progress not perfection”.


I am from Grand Rapids, Michigan and I have been playing hockey since I was 4 years old. I player squirt hockey for the Grand Rapids Amateur Hockey Association.