Introducing Our Ambassadors: Meet Lanna!

Introducing Our Ambassadors: Meet Lanna!

How you got into hockey, how it peaked your interested, and a brief history of your experience playing hockey to-date?

I got into hockey by watching Blackhawks games with my Dad since the age of 3. At that time, I told them, “I want to learn how to skate”. They brought me to an ice rink to where they were teaching figure skating and I told my Dad, “No! The one where they skate with sticks!” So as soon as I was old enough (3.5) they enrolled me in hockey classes. Fast forward 4 years, I’ve been playing ever since! Last season I played on a boys travel team (Highland Park Falcons) as well as a girls travel team (Northshore Warhawks). Can’t wait until next season!

What position you play?
I primarily play right wing. Every now and then, coach will put me on defence.

How are you keeping up with hockey training etc during quarantine?

Both travels teams I’m on had Zoom workouts 4 days out of the week that included stretching, yoga, exercise, stick handling, and shooting. Outside of that, I tried to take 100 shots, do 60 pushups, and perform other exercises as often as I could.

An interesting/fun fact about yourself

I was in a Blackhawks commercial! The commercial was about 2 girls reenacting a play involving Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane which resulted in a goal. My role was to pretend to be Toews. The theme of the commercial was to teach kids, especially girls, to DREAM BIG! The commercial aired during Blackhawks games as well as during other Chicago area sporting events.