Introducing Our Ambassadors: Meet Valerie

I first went to an Anaheim Ducks game with my friend in 2017, and decided that I wanted to play hockey. I started with skating lessons that winter and in the spring did Hockey Initiation through the Ducks where I got to learn how to play. I tried out for the Lady Ducks travel team that summer and did my first year of club hockey in 2018-2019. This last year I played on both the 8UA Lady Ducks and 8UB OC Hockey Club.

I really like playing defence but I also enjoy being goalie when they need someone to fill in.

Over the past few months with the stop to hockey season, I’ve been doing online stick handling classes and using my new balance board to try and get better.

An interesting fact about me is the last two years, I've had the chance to ride ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ at Disneyland with Ducks players on Ducks Day!