As the first week of August draws to a close, we commemorate the remaining three weeks of summer and recognize that hockey season is closely approaching! We do not want to cut your last sprout of holidays short by this public hockey service announcement, but instead, we want to help prepare both yourself and your child for the approaching hockey season.

Oneiric has helped #EndTheChaos in the dressing room, but now let us help relieve the chaos leading up to hockey tryouts.

There is nothing more nerve-wrecking for your child than stepping on the ice at fall tryouts when they have not laced up their skates since the Spring; especially when their counterparts have been in-and-out of hockey and power-skating camps throughout the summer. Try to avoid this last-minute panic by getting your child some ice-time prior to tryouts. Try enrolling them in a last minute hockey camp, or even check out your city’s website for public shinny hockey schedules.

One of the many realities with regards to hockey apparel is that children are always growing, which means that what may have fit them last season may not fit quite the same way in a matter of a few months. If your child has not had the opportunity to try on their equipment since the end of last season, it would be beneficial to ensure that everything still fits accordingly. If you find that Timmy’s equipment is fitting a little too snug, then now would be a good time to invest in some new equipment, so that your child:

a)  Has the opportunity to break in their new equipment before tryouts; and
b) Can get comfortable and become confident in their new equipment for the season ahead.

The harsh reality of August is that despite that we still have a few weeks of summer left, we cannot help but mourn the latter half of our vacation; making August somewhat of a “mixed blessing” month. What exactly does this month entail? Aside from squeezing in your last bit of holidays, it also encompasses two events that hockey parents have to juggle: back to school and hockey tryouts. Trying to manage these two events simultaneously cannot only be tiresome for yourself, but stressful for your child.

In order to avoid this strain, it is important to prepare your child both physically and mentally. Ensure that you do your back-to-school shopping early, so you can dodge the last-minute stress of rushing to your local Staples and navigating through a sea of other parents and children in order to get those last coloured duo-tangs. In the same vein, prepare your child for hockey tryouts by not only doing the aforementioned points, but ensuring that minor tasks - such as sharpening their skates, ensuring all hockey equipment is still accounted for and useable, etc. - are also performed.  

A huge portion of preparation is mental, because it is important to recognize that both back-to-school and hockey tryouts can be exceedingly nerve-wrecking for your child. Relieve this anxiety by reassuring them with the most simple advice you can give: to try their best. Being physically prepared for tryouts can seriously help alleviate the pressure to perform, so that all your child has to worry about is showing up and giving it their all, with their greatest cheerleader standing right there beside them - you!