Oneiric Customer Profile Series: Meet Carsten Raack

Carsten Raack is 10 years old and is a rising 12U. He has recently joined Chiefs Hockey Club which is in the western suburbs of Chicago. 

When Carsten was 4, we were looking for a winter activity and hockey came up. We took him to the local rink to be outfitted with gear, and once everything went on he decided he was a hockey player. He has been playing for over six years now and is dedicated to playing every position on the ice (forward, defense, goalie). He continues to train all around, as it is his goal to play any position on the ice at a high and consistent level.


Where did you first hear about the Oneiric Base Layer and what intrigued you to buy it?
We originally found Oneiric through a Google search, and the Genesis Base Layer pants were our first purchase. Carsten liked the Genesis pants so much he decided to add a Soteria top to his gear.

What has your experience been like using Oneiric Base Layers so far?
Carsten likes the Soteria top as much as his Genesis pants. The cool and comfortable fit underneath all of his pads is hard to match. 

What is your favourite feature and why?
Carsten likes the breathability of the Soteria top, as his skin is somewhat sensitive and wicking material is essential. He likes that the Soteria top has the same cut-resistant material at the wrists as the Genesis pants have at the ankles, too, for added safety.

How does the base layer compare to previous base layers you have used? 
Oneiric is a very competitive product and this is our second purchase. An advantage is its affordability and comparable quality to other major-name brands. The product is lightweight and has proven very durable so far.


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