Oneiric Customer Profile Series: Meet Henry!

Henry is a 2012 and he just finished his spring season with the 2012 Western Selects Brick Team. He will play for the Jr Sun Devils 10U Elite in Tempe, Arizona during the 2022-23 season. Henry started playing hockey in the spring of 2018 when he participated in the Little Howlers Learn to Play Hockey program shortly after learning to skate. The cool rink seemed like a great idea given the Arizona heat! He knew his uncle played goalie and it inspired him to try the position. He was one of the few skaters persistently volunteering for the position as his first house mite team rotated each week. We have not been able to get him out of the net since and he is now heading into his 4th year of travel hockey.

We heard about Oneiric Base Layers from local goalie parents and were interested in the extra protection on the ankles with the Genesis and the wrists of the Soteria. We have shared them with many of our fellow goalie families who ask about his base layers.


What has your experience been like using Oneiric Base Layers so far?
Henry wears both products nearly every day of the week and they have held up really well. Henry travels out of state often for tournaments and they wash and dry well on the road! He is never in net without this base layer on!

What is your favourite feature and why?
Henry finds the Genesis and Soteria material very comfortable, breathable, and likes that they do not restrict his movement in net. He also likes the extra arm padding and the grips on the knees. We appreciate the added slashing protection when play near the crease gets intense.

How does the base layer compare to previous base layers you have used? 
Once Henry started wearing these base layers, he never looked back! He will not wear anything else on the top or the bottom for either practices or games. We love the goalie-specific elements.


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