We're excited to feature our first profile on a ringette player - Oneiric Base Layers are great for hockey and also perfect for ringette!

Customer: Jodie Amsing and Trinity
Location: Airdrie, Alberta, Canada
Hockey Team: Airdire Ringette Asssociation U12B

When Jodie ordered an Oneiric Base Layer online for her daughter, we were so excited that it was going to be put in the bag of a ringette player and we're happy to announce that 11 year old Trinity loves them.

How long has your daughter been in ringette and how did they get into it?
Trinity has been playing ringette for 3 years now. She originally was in figure skating but wanted nothing to do with makeup or costumes so we found something that was a little more her style!

Where did you first hear about Oneiric and what intrigued you to buy it the base layer?
I first heard about Oneiric when I saw the pitch on Dragons' Den. As a mom who is constantly running to different arenas all over Alberta with Trinity and my son who is a hockey player, I thought 'what a fantastic idea!' It saves us so much time and struggle when dressing for our sports.

What has yours and your kids experience been like using the product?
We all have had a great experience with the Oneiric Base Layer. I really don't even have to help my kids as much with getting dressed like I used to, which is definitely my favourite part. It really does make the dressing experience much easier.

What are your favourite features of the Oneiric Base Layer and why? 
We love how you just pull out the pocket and slide in the shin guards. No velcro, no adjusting and no tape! So simple!

How do you think Oneiric Base Layers compare to other base layer products?
Price wise it can be close depending on the product and brand. However, it has so many great extra features then just an ordinary base layer or jock. The extra padding, the pocket for their shin guards and the extra protection for the Achilles are all incomparable and make the Oneiric Base Layer a much better product over all. 
Oneiric Hockey-Protective Base Layer_Ringette

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