We’re really excited to release our customer profile series where we highlight Oneiric customers and really understand how they’re using and enjoying their Oneiric Base Layers. First up is our customer, Kevin Travers from Bolton, ON who’s son “won’t wear anything but Oneiric”

Customer: Kevin Travers and Braden Travers
Location: Bolton, Ontario
Hockey team: Duffield Devils

Braden is just 12 years old and the next NHL superstar! He plays on the Select team for the Duffield Devils. He’s a truly committed player, practicing 5-7 times on his regular team and goalie training on top of that!

Where did you first hear about Oneiric and what intrigued you to buy it?
“I first heard of Oneiric from a Facebook post – I’m part of several goalie dads and goalie parents groups on Facebook and saw that someone had posted an article on the new company. I was instantly intrigued when I saw they made a goalie-specific base layer product. I loved the extra safety features including the cut-resistant ankle and the pads at the back of the leg.”

What have yours and your kids experience been like using the Oneiric base layer?
“The experience has been really great. Not only is Braden more protected on the ice, but he also finds the base layers really comfortable. As a parent, I love how easy they are to wash and how the pants don’t lose form after being washed several times. The durability and quality is incredible. Braden is growing out of his XL youth and is excited for the adult base layers to arrive in June!”

What are your favourite features of the Oneiric base layer and why? 
“My favourite features are the safety ones including the cut-resistant ankle and back of leg padding. The exceptional quality, washability, and comfort are an added bonus.”

How do you think Oneiric compares to other base layer products?
“Braden used to wear the Under Armour base layers, but after trying Oneiric he’ll never go back. They are way more comfortable and when other base layers stay wet in certain areas, Oneiric dries quicker and takes the moisture away from the skin. There is a substantial difference in quality and comfort as well from other base layers.”