Oneiric Customer Profile Series: Meet Logan

Logan Egnatowicz is 9 years old and is a goalie for the Squirt North Jersey Avalanche located in Hackensack, NJ. Logan loved watching the New Jersey Devils with his family. He decided to try the NJ Devils learn to play program he has been playing now for 6 years!

What has your experience been like using Oneiric Base Layers so far?
Logan uses both the Soteria Base Layer top and the Genesis Goalie Base Layer. Both base layers are really comfortable for our son and we love that it gives him extra protection on the ice.

How does the base layer compare to previous base layers you have used? 
We really love the cut-resistant ankles on the Genesis and the cut-resistant cuffs around the wrists on the top. Often times there is exposed area between skate and the ankle as well as around the wrist by the glove and blocker. These base layers keep those areas protected.


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