This week, we are featuring Rodney Flores and his daughter Sophia in our Customer Profile Series.

Customer: Rodney Flores and Sophia Flores
Location: San Diego, California, USA
Hockey Team: Junior Reign, San Diego Division

Sophia is just 8 years old but is already a superstar on the ice. After trying out ballet dance, basketball, soccer and martial arts her dad, Rodney knew that hockey was the next activity she should try. After participating in a ‘Learn to Play’ program put on by the L.A Kings, where they provided all the equipment and training needed across six sessions. She loved it and wanted to continue to play. She then tried out for the Junior Reign and made it! Go Sophia!

Where did you first hear about Oneiric and what intrigued you to buy it?
I first heard about Oneiric by researching protective undergarment options for my youth hockey player who was just starting out with no previous experience. I watched the video about the product on Dragons' Den and what initially intrigued me the most was the apparent ease of use by a young player as well as the time saving properties of suiting up for every game/practice.

What have yours and your kids experience been like using the Oneiric Base Layer?
Our experience using the Oneiric protective base layer has been amazing. There was no way for us to use the product prior to purchasing, and thankfully the product comes as advertised. My daughter was immediately able to use the product all by herself just as quickly and easily as we saw on the video. She raves about the comfort and feels good about suiting up on her own with less hassle. And as a new hockey parent, I feel secure sending her out on the ice knowing she has a super safe base layer on.

What are your favourite features of the Oneiric Base Layer and why? 
My daughter's most favorite feature of the Oneiric Base Layer are the shin pad pockets. She feels like the pads are just now an extension of her rather than an irritating and often times shifting piece of plastic. As a parent, my favorite features are the safety ones. It's the only full length base layer pant on the market that combines a protective cup, cut resistant ankle protectors, and foam protection at the back of the legs.

How do you think the Oneiric Base Layer compares to other base layer products?
The Oneiric base layer is on a level of its own. Nothing on the market comes close to all the features that it has. It obviously costs more than other base layer products, but after owning it and playing an entire Learn To Play program with it and then some, it's worth the additional cost.

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