We’re really excited to highlight another one of our fab customers, Taylor Hayward and son, Sebastian who is rocking the season in his Origin Base Layer.

Customer: Taylor and Sebastian Hayward
Hockey Team: Garden City Minor Atom AA Falcons

Sebastian has been playing hockey since he was 5, so this is his 5th year of hockey. We went to a Niagara Ice Dogs game as a family and Sebastian watched his older cousin play in between periods as a Timbits hockey player. When his cousin was done playing Sebastian turned and looked at me and said “Daddy I want to play hockey”. The rest is history.

Where did you first hear about Oneiric and what intrigued you to buy the Origin Base Layer?
A current teammate of Sebastian’s has a pair of the Genesis Base Layers  and both his teammate and her parents spoke very highly of them. I was on the hunt for a new base layer for Sebastian, so I started researching Oneiric. I really liked the idea of being able to insert the shin pads directly into the base layer, and the extra protection/padding that is offered on the back of leg and ankle.

What have yours and your kids experience been like using the Oneiric's Origin Base Layer?
In one word, wonderful! Sebastian loves the base layer and feels they are the most comfortable pair he’s worn under his hockey gear. He loves being able to insert his shin pads directly into it and not having to worry about doing up any straps. As a parent, I love that he loves them and the extra safety from the padding that I have never seen on any other base layer. Before purchasing these, I read a lot about how it helps kids get dressed/undressed faster, but this hasn’t been the case for Sebastian. It’s certainly easier for him to get dressed/undressed but any time saved has been transferred to him socializing with his friends more - We are still one of the last ones out of the dressing room after the game ;)

What are your favourite features of the Origin Base Layer and why? 
Certainly for me, it's the extra padding in the back of the legs and the cut-resistant ankle protection. Sebastian loves the comfort and shin pad pocket feature.

How do you think Oneiric Base Layers compare to other base layer products?
I think Oneiric has identified concerns of parents and innovated a product that alleviates these concerns. They’ve also made getting dressed/undressed easier which certainly for the younger crowd can make a difference. I think Oneiric Base Layer's are the product to buy if you are in the market for a base layer product.

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