Our favourite mommy blogger, Heather Hamilton recently wrote a great review on us that was posted on her blog.
Oneiric_shin pad pocket
‘The Trick to Getting Your Kid Dressed Quickly for Hockey’ discusses Heather and her son Jayden’s personal struggles that go on at the rink - one of them being in the locker room! So, its a good thing that we came along because after trying out our protective base layer, Jayden was able to save 10 MINUTES in the overall dressing time! Amazing, right?!

I’m a proud hockey mom and I’ve enjoyed my time at the rink MOST of the time, but some parts of hockey really drive me crazy! There’s the cost, the politics and of course the schedule, but one of the worst parts for me is the change room struggle to get 8 year-old Jayden dressed and undressed for hockey!
— Heather Hamilton @TJZMommy

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