Ottawa Senators fans will likely remember the fateful game when Erik Karlsson lacerated his Achilles tendon and was out for the rest of the season. After a player on the opposing Pittsburgh Penguins’ team checked him into the boards and then accidentally stepped on the back of his lower leg, Karlsson screamed out in obvious pain and needed to be assisted off the ice. The injury was devastating for the Senators, having lost one of their star players, and it was also tragic for Karlsson himself, as he had to go through major surgery to repair the tendon. If you’re not familiar with the incident you can read more about it here.

Possibly the worst part about the injury is that it was preventable. While cut-resistant material may not completely protect against these kinds of injuries, they can drastically reduce the impact. An injury that requires surgery, such as Karlsson’s, may have only required minor stitches had he been wearing additional protection. Wearing cut resistant material around the ankle is a small change in equipment routine that can save players a good deal of hardship.

Oneiric’s Protective Base Layer pant has built in, cut-resistant material for back of leg and Achilles protection, keeping players safe from horrible injuries such as the one sustained by Karlsson.

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