Skate Blade Laceration Injuries in Hockey

Skate Blade Laceration Injuries in Hockey

By now, we all know that skate blade lacerations are serious. While concussion is a widely acknowledged concern, other injuries — particularly lacerations from skate blades also put players at significant risk. These injuries most likely end in surgery and can leave players out for weeks, months or the entire season.

We all remember the gruesome injury that left Erik Karlsson of the Ottawa Senators limping off the ice, leaving a trail of blood behind him after a laceration to the ankle.

Last Wednesday night another severe injury occurred with LA Kings defensemen, Jeff Carter. During a body check, Petry’s skate hit Carter’s lower leg and all too familiar, was shown limping off the ice in severe pain much the same as Karlsson. The cut was through a tendon in the ankle and Jeff Carter required surgery and an unknown return date to the ice. More details can be found at CBC.

Of course professional hockey is much more aggressive, faster and dangerous but this injury can happen at every level. Players are literally skating on knives and we can probably all agree that we see way too many bare ankles stepping onto the ice. Last year we released a short video that highlighted this issue. 

What we need to recognize is that these serious injuries are preventable.

How to prevent these types of injuries?
Hockey equipment traditionally doesn’t provide any protection at the back of the leg and Achilles, leaving that area completely exposed and susceptible to injury. But with the right equipment, that risk goes down substantially.

Oneiric develops protective base layer pants that help keep the back of leg protected from injuries. The protective features of the base layers include padding at the back of the leg and calf and a cut-resistant ankle to protect the Achilles.

Keep these areas protected in order to prevent catastrophic injury.

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