We are loving this amazing article 'A Hockey Mom's Truth About Rep Hockey' that we found on one of our favourite hockey mom blogs! She discusses the many truths about entering the hockey season as a new hockey family. Long weekends spent at the rink and all of the fun that comes with it -  We are sure that all the hockey moms out there will relate!

Here are a few of those truths that we wanted to share with you all:


Truth: Holy cuteness! At 8 years old, those personalized tracksuits and custom jerseys are pretty much the cutest thing in your child’s wardrobe. Watching them carry their own garment bags or equipment bags is pretty adorable too! 

Truth: Your car and garage are no longer your own! Make way for hockey bags, sticks, garment bags and practice nets and surfaces! Your trunk will look and smell like you are a hockey parent and there is no going back. Your groceries may have to find a new home, but at least by keeping everything in one place, you are guaranteed that you won’t forget anything come game time!

Truth: The competition is tough! Your child will have moments when they don’t shine and it’s okay. My stomach is in knots when Jayden is on the ice during a game. I get so nervous for him to try his best, not always being perfect but working hard for himself and his team. Sometimes he just doesn’t perform and while my head reminds me of the commitment and cost, he’s still a kid. All kids are going to have good days and bad days and it’s just part of the game! No need to get stressed or worried, but sometimes a good chat about how they are feeling about their performance is a good way to help them build self-awareness, assess any worries and ensure they are still having fun!

Truth: Your child will thrive! Seeing Jayden look up at me in the stands as I madly ring the bell after a great play, is pure magic. As the kids skate off of the ice after a great win or even after playing their hardest you can truly see the love of the game and their own sense of pride. There are amazing lessons that happen when they are part of a team.

Head over to the @TJZMommy blog for more of these truths about rep hockey!