The Evolution of the Origin Base Layer

The Evolution of the Origin Base Layer

Perfecting a product can take years to get right. From small tweaks to huge feature additions, each iteration improves and builds on the success of our products.

At Oneiric, we take relationships with our customers and their feedback about our products very seriously. We acknowledge that our customers are the lifeline to our business. If they aren’t happy with the product they purchased then we haven’t done our job. Our goal is to continuously improve to not only meet the needs of our customers, but always exceed expectation.

Over the years, customer feedback and testing has helped our product team work to evolve Origin into a truly amazing product that we are very proud of.


We are now on Origin Version 3.0; here are updates that have been made to the product since it’s launch in 2016:

1. Added security to the shin pad pocket system
Elastic material has been added the the middle of the pocket to better hold shin pads in place. The elastic acts as a strong piece of tape and provides extra security and holds the shin pads tight for less movement and better performance.

2. Lighter-weight padding at the back of leg
We’ve adjusted the padding at the back of leg to have a lighter feel while still keeping it’s protective qualities.

3. Improved velcro sock holders
Velcro sock holders are now wider with stronger velcro to hold socks up more securely.

4. Upgraded Cut Resistant Material
The cut-resistant ankle is softer and less stretchy, while still keeping it’s strength.

5. Better jock
A Mueller FlexShield® jock now comes with all boys and mens base layers. This cup was designed with comfort in mind and features cooling ventilation and soft edges.

The quality of our products is our number one focus. We provide real value by offering novel features and using durable, comfortable fabric, that will last. And you will love them - that is our guarantee.

Get an upgraded version of our Origin Base Layer for the new season here.