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Having a good design partner is probably the most important part of our business…and to many other product based businesses as well.

Two years ago, we came to Niko Apparel with a rough prototype (made by a seamstress using fabric and padding from a life jacket…yes, you heard correct) and an exact vision of our product. After some deliberation to ensure they had time to fit us into their busy schedules, Niko decided to take on our project of refining what we had and creating it into a sellable product - they truly believed in the idea and wanted to help us bring it to market.

We’re so proud to be working with a Canadian apparel design and manufacturing company that is local and trustworthy. The passion and enthusiasm from the folks at Niko Apparel helped fuel the growth of the Oneiric Protective Pant and helped to make it the product that it is today. Their expertise in design, sourcing materials and quality checking speaks to how exceptional of a product the Oneiric Protective Base Layer really is. 

We can’t thank them enough for their generosity and talented team for believing in us and our product.