The Mental Game With Coach Gad: Teamwork Is Crucial

The Mental Game With Coach Gad: Teamwork Is Crucial

Hello parents, last time we looked at Key #3 from, ‘The 4 Keys to Thinking Like a Champion.’ Today we look at key #4.

Key #4 – Teamwork is Crucial

“The truth is teamwork is at the heart of great achievement” – John Maxwell

What is the connection between developing yourself as an athlete and teamwork?  It’s important every young athlete understand that:

·       they can’t do it all by themselves

·       they need others to succeed

·       there’s strength in numbers

Many times, young athletes figure they can rely on their talent and continue to move forward on their own and to a certain extent they can, however, sooner or later they will need to rely on someone or a bunch of people to maximize their development and reach their full potential.

Team success will lead right to individual success. This is important for your young athlete to understand because many times he/she may find themselves frustrated with team results and teammate commitment levels, however, they still need to work hard for the team, so he/she can achieve what they want individually.

Talent Wins Games, Teamwork Wins Championships! -Michael Jordan

Each individual athlete’s success, to a certain extent, is predicated on the help of others and the sooner a young athlete understands this the better off he/she will be. The hope is this understanding will lead them to work on being a great teammate and someone that is great to work with at all levels.

Every young athlete needs to know that teamwork is necessary for them to reach their own personal goals and accomplishments. This teamwork comes from many channels such as actual teammates, coaches, parents, mentors, etc. The more help and feedback a young athlete can get the more he/she can use to up their game to another level.

Most athletes and parents feel they have the bases covered with this, they have their team coach teaching technical skills and tactical awareness and possibly a fitness coach to help the athlete prepare physically but do they have a mental-game coach? Someone, to help them address the most powerful weapon the body possesses, one that will give them an edge over their competition, someone that - trains the athlete's brain?     

For your child to thrive and reach their outer limits of potential they have to train not only their body but also their mind! If you would like to learn more about this you can reach out to me at coachgad10@gmail.com.

There you have it, Key #4. If you would like the free booklet ‘4 Keys to Thinking Like a Champion’ here is the link: http://www.coachgad.com/improve-mental-game/

-Coach Gad

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